Resin Art DIY Workshop 5/6/23

Regular price $110.00

In this class you will choose from a variety of glass and other art mediums including resin to create a one of a kind project. We will offer clear glass and mirror backgrounds while supplies last  

All participants will be required to follow our safety precautions which include but are not limited to wearing a respirator to have the right ventilation with fresh air exchanges and wearing gloves. 

ALL SUPPLIES EXCEPT THE RESPIRATOR WILL BE PROVIDED.  Anyone without a respirator will not be allowed to participate. Here are a few suggestions when shopping for a mask 

  • A rating of N95 equivalent which is what you need to work safely with resin; you can also wear this respirator for resin through your resin sanding process
  • Make sure it protects from gasses and organic vapors through its included filter

Please note, your project will need to cure therefore you will not be taking it home with you. Pick up will be scheduled during the event. 

The size of your project will vary according to your choices made during the class. 

Registration is $110 pp 

May 6th 12-5 pm